About Us

Our Mission: We exist to provide technology training and access to the community, fostering skills that enable people to succeed in a digital age.


Our Vision: A world without digital barriers.

Austin Free-Net, is a 501(c)(3) a nonprofit organization that has been working to bridge the Digital Divide in the Austin area since 1995.

What we do

Technology Training:

  • Free Adult Computer Training – Students get help learning computer basics by achieving the goals they set for themselves
  • Training Solutions for Nonprofits and Government Agencies – Low cost computer training for nonprofit, small business and government staff (beginner through advanced on a variety of topics)


  • Free computer centers at multiple sites in Austin
  • More than 100 computer stations
  • An average of 100,000 computer user sessions per year


  • Computer labs available free for nonprofit events/classes
  • An average of more than 40 volunteer opportunities and 1,300 volunteer hours per year


New technology promises an opportunity for all, but only on an equal playing field, with equal access to information, education and involvement in the community. Anyone that has the desire should be able to access the Internet to improve their lives and contribute to society.  With these facts in mind, Austin Free-Net exists to make equal access to computing resources a reality.