About Us

Our Mission is to provide technology training and computer access to the community, fostering skills that enable people to succeed in the digital age. 

Austin Free-Net believes that access to the internet is imperative in the 21st century and beyond and those without the digital skills to use any digital device and specifically computers are at a disadvantage.

Those most affected by the digital divide are the underserved in the community. Many do not have broadband connection in their homes. The digital divide means they are unable to take advantage of economic and educational opportunities. 

Austin Free-Net is working to spread digital literacy to the underserved through three major areas:

  1. ACCELERATE Workforce Development Program
    a Texas Workforce Commission Self-Sufficiency Program offered through Austin Free-Net. Offers CompTIA certification classes. The program is designed to provide computer skills training that will lead to permanent employment opportunities for adult recipients of TANF or at risk of becoming TANF recipients. The class is also open to those who would like to “restart their career” in the fast-growing tech industry.
  2. Digital Literacy knowledge through basic computer training classes
    Tutoring one-on-one at local computer labs around Austin and learning how to access and use Microsoft software products like Excel, Word, email and PowerPoint and social media tools are a few of the classes offered at Austin Free-Net.
  3. Specialty Training Programs (fee for services)
    Austin Free-Net teaches basic computer literacy classes that are focused on creating independent computer users. In addition, we teach advanced computing classes for individuals who are interested in a career in Information Technology (IT). For an example, we provide AISD parents computer training classes in how to use the School Portal.

New technology promises an opportunity for all, but only on an equal playing field, with equal access to information, education and involvement in the community. Anyone that has the desire should have access to broadband connections to improve their lives and contribute to society.  With these facts in mind, Austin Free-Net exists to make equal access to computing resources a reality.

Our Vision: A world without digital barriers.

Austin Free-Net, is a 501(c)(3) a nonprofit organization that has been working to bridge the Digital Divide in the Austin area since 1995.