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Did you know that the number of IT jobs is expected to increase

12% by the year 2024?

Do you have the skill set to compete in the high-demand technology industry? If the idea of a career in IT interests you, look no further than Austin Free-Net for the skills that are required to get you into the Information Technology field.



What you’ll discover in the ACCELERATE IT Workforce Development Program:

  • Foundational computer skills
  • Pathway to earn certifications in IT Fundamentals,  A+, Security+, and Network+ through CompTIA curriculum
  • Tuition, books, practice exams, exam certification fees paid
  • Resume review/writing
  • Practice Interview skills
  • Job placement assistance
  • Flexible course schedule (morning/evening)
  • Support for student testing success
  • Preparation to take local/national certification exams



This program will start you on the path to future success in the Information Technology (IT) field. Add this prestigious certification to your resume!

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Read more about what courses are available through the ACCELERATE IT Workforce Development Program.


  • Program Overview:   The ACCELERATE IT Program is a Texas Workforce Commission Self-Sufficiency Program.The program is designed to provide training that will lead to permanent employment opportunities for adult’s recipients of TANF or at risk of becoming TANF recipients. The class is also open to those who would like to restart their career in a fast growing industry.Austin Free- Net will provide training for participant to obtain CompTIA IT Fundamental, A+, and /or Network +, or Security + certifications to become Computer User Support Specialist or Network Computer System Administrators.  At the end of these courses, the student will be prepared to take the national exams for certification enabling them to obtain a job in the high-demand IT field..
  • All participants will take the IT Fundamentals and the A+ certification courses. These courses serve as the foundation for the other computer certification training.  Students interested in pursuing the Network Computer System Administrative position will continue their learning to complete the Network+ and Security+ course work.   These certifications are the standard in establishing a successful career in the Information Technology field.


  1. Application Received
  2. Assessment Determined
  3. Interview Goals
  4. Selection Notification
  5. $30 Registration Fee (non-refundable) – Payment required after selection into the program


  • IT Fundamental Course (33 hours)
  • A+ Administration Certification ( 100 hours – 901 & 902)
  • Network+ certification (60 hours)
  • Security + certification (62 hours)

The ACCELERATE IT Workforce Development Program launched in August, 2016 through a grant from Texas Workforce Commission. The grant will allow Austin Free-Net to train 180 individuals with the necessary skills and certifications to begin a career in Information Technology.