AFN Employment Success

Photo of Thomas

Thomas at the ARCH computer lab.

Thomas and Lupe recently visited our computer lab at the Austin Resource Center for the Homeless (ARCH) excited to share their great news—employment success! Both men enrolled in our Getting It Done program at the ARCH hoping to learn new computer skills that would help them quickly find employment.

Both men are examples of the life changing benefit of digital literacy. Unemployed, Thomas Crayton, started our training program without any computer skills. He also did not have a resume or email account, a requirement for most online applications. Working with our Trainer over a five month time period, Thomas learned the basics of operating a computer and conducting an online job search. He learned how to set up an email account and accurately fill out online employment forms. He also received valuable tips about using the best job search sites that match his skills and interests.

Thomas’ dedication and efforts finally paid off. He recently secured a janitorial position as a result of the targeted resume he created with our Trainer. Way to go Thomas!

Photo of LupeLupe’s entry into Austin’s workforce is similar to Thomas’. His initial computer experience was minimal.  Lupe, a graduate of the Getting It Done program, moved from Austin years ago and recently returned. His first step upon returning to the city was to visit our computer lab at the ARCH for job search assistance and access to the Internet. Two years ago, our Trainer helped him obtain his Food Handlers Certificate online.  Unemployed, Thomas recently used the computer lab to search online for positions in the food and automotive repair industries. He is proud to announce that he now has an auto repair job with a car rental agency.

Thomas, Lupe and the rest of the AFN clients who utilize the free computer resources and professional training know that the job market is tough. They all are working diligently to improve their resumes, showcase their skill sets and join Austin’s workforce. Help clients more clients like Thomas and Lupe achieve their goals and secure their futures. Donate today!