Our Impact

Photo of hands on keyboardBasic computer skills have become necessary in order to live an independent life. Whether someone is looking for employment or help with social services, keeping up with their children’s school work, managing their finances or seeking adult education, going online has become the new norm. As services such as Social Security, health care, the GED and employment applications move online, more and more people are left behind. By providing instruction in basic computer skills, we empower individuals to take control of their lives and live independently.

Training at Austin Free-Net has changed a lot over the years. Taking advantage of a large federal grant, we were able to identify the barriers to success our clients were facing and change our programs in order overcome those barriers. This is what makes Austin Free-Net unique, and this is what enables Austin Free-Net to change lives.

Why our Students Excel 

We provide basic computer training in a variety of settings. However, our programs all have one thing in common — they are student-centered and goal-oriented. Over the past three years, we have methodically created programs, measured them and recreated them in order to make them more effective.

  • Our open classrooms allow students to come and go according to their own schedules. Inconsistent transportation, childcare and work schedules no longer prevent students from getting the instruction they need.
  • Lessons are designed to help students with real life problems while teaching digital literacy and critical thinking skills as a way to solve those problems independently. Many times our clients come to us in crisis. They have encountered a problem they can’t solve without using a computer, but they don’t have time to take a five-week class before solving it. We teach them the necessary skills as we help them tackle their own problems from the first moment they walk through our door.
  • —Bilingual trainers and student-centered, independent study allow students of all levels to learn at the same time and in the same room. Our programs allow for the real-world scenarios we encounter everyday:  people of different skill levels, solving different problems while at different levels of English proficiency.
  • We are able to report on student progress individually or holistically as a group. Our tracking enables us to provide proof students learn. Whether a case manager needs a progress report on a client or an organization needs to fulfill grant reporting requirements, our tracking is customizable and easy to understand.

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