Empowering Parents

Parent Cloud Classes: Empowering Parents 

Photo of parent using computerOur bilingual trainer teaches critical technology skills in Title 1 school computer labs and portable buildings outfitted with Austin Free-Net’s mobile lab. Our classrooms focus on the real-life needs of Austin’s low-income parents. Parents learn to use the Internet, email and Austin Independent School Districts’ Parent Cloud, as well other basic skills like word processing, spreadsheets and social media. Our trainers use an individualized, student-centered approach allowing clients to choose the skills they need to learn in order to achieve the goals they set for themselves.

Our trainer sits with the parents and helps them to identify their goals and the barriers separating them from achieving those goals. Together they create a lesson plan that tackles those barriers while learning to use technology. By engaging parents with hands-on computer use from day one and encouraging personal goals, such as better employment, access to adult education and help obtaining family benefits, trainers make meaningful and long-lasting connections between technology, empowerment and a parent’s ability to meet family needs. Because study is individualized, students learn beside one another even if they speak different languages and are at different levels.

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