Experiencing a Total Solar Eclipse

What does it feel like to experience a total solar eclipse? Staff and clients at the DeWitty Center had the opportunity to view the awe-inspiring celestial event through pinhole projectors. Even through the state of Texas wasn’t in the path of the 2017 solar eclipses’ totality, this rare occurrence had to be seen and shared. Like Google Fiber’s offices celebrating the solar eclipse by heading outdoors, Austin Free-Net shared its knowledge by helping others make pinhole projectors to see the solar eclipse.

“A solar eclipse is the grandest of celestial wonders I could ever opinhole projector to view solar eclipsebserve,” said Alix Potter, an Austin Free-Net trainer. I feel so blessed to be able to share this experience with others and thanks to Emily Plunkett, Austin Free-Net staffer, for showing us how to make a pinhole projector, so we could view it even though we didn’t have the appropriate solar filtering glasses.

The United States will see its next total solar eclipse on April 8, 2024 and traverse northeastward from Texas to Maine. Next time, Austin Free-Net will be sure to have on hand solar filtering glasses to share the experience with those visiting our labs and taking our training courses.

looking at Solar Eclipse 2017

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