Never To Old To Learn

Photo of Troy ShacklesIn Troy Shackles lifetime, he has seen the invention of many consumer products that have changed our lives–the electric razor (1928), TV Remote Control (1955), handheld calculator (1967), Sony Walkman (1979), and MP3 player (1998). Like most people, he learned over time by trial and error how to use these new “gadgets.”

When 89-year-old Veteran, Troy, came to Austin Free-Net’s Public Computer Center at the St. John’s Neighborhood location, he needed help with his computer skills.  He had a new laptop and was highly motivated to learn how to use it.  Shackles said that after he lost his wife a few years ago, he made a promise that he would “never stop going to church and school.”

The St. John’s Neighborhood Center became the new school for Troy and he was an eager student.   He wanted to learn how to use his laptop computer and how to correspond with others on the Internet.  While taking several classes with other senior citizens, he learned the basics of computer literacy and worked his way up to sending e-mails.  Troy had such a great experience with the volunteers and staff  in the senior program that he decided to continue his education when the program ended.

Next stop on his educational journey was visiting the Public Computer lab at the DeWitty Center. Working one-on-one with a Trainer he fine-tuned his computer skills.  We also learned a lot about Troy and what it was like growing up in a small Texas town near Manor almost a century ago

Troy may be one of AFN’s oldest clients, however he is but one of the many seniors we serve in our community.  Within a safe and welcoming environment, seniors can learn computer literacy in a program tailored to their skill level.  AFN offers free Internet access and basic computer training at multiple locations in Austin.

Do you know a senior who will benefit from our free Basic Computer training?  If so, have them come stop by the DeWitty Center and meet with one of our skilled staff or volunteers. Troy has proven that you are never too old to learn how to be tech smart.