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Why are you online?  On December 4, we asked this question on social media to highlight the importance of access and the Internet. Thank you everyone for participating in the special campaign and posting messages on Facebook and Twitter. Here are some of the responses from the community and our students:
Austin Free-Net Tech Starter Students:

“Many of the agencies that I receive support from communicate through email. Internet is very important to access and communicate with agencies in the community. Internet allows me to communicate with family and friends…”–Kim Witt

“I’m on line because… it puts me into more contact w/ the world and in fact, considerably expands my little world”–Don Shaw, photo depicted

“I’m online because I want to advance in my technology, because everything is computerized. Then I can monitor my step-kids’ schooling at home, along with so many other tasks. I even pay bills online now.”–Pamela Newsom
”I’m online because its keeps me up on whats going on in the world today.”–Lavelle


Twitter Community Responses:

I stay connected to enhance my opportunites


I’m it empowers me to do more! Amplifying my ability to create positive change in my world.

Googler Emily grew up in a military family & is she wants to stay in touch!


I am it’s how I stay in touch with what’s going on locally & globally.