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Photo of DECA participantsClosing out 2016, the City of Austin Office of Telecommunications & Regulatory Affairs (TARA) staff led the last Digital Empowerment Community of Austin (DECA) meeting for the year on December 9.  Launched in 2015, DECA is a network of digital inclusion organizations and stakeholders working to improve our community’s ability to participate in a digital society. AFN has partnered with TARA to lead this initiative.

At the recent meeting, participants were asked to select action oriented sub-groups centered around the following objectives:

  1. Offer Train the Trainer Skills-based workshops
  2. Coordinate with TechHire: Workforce Development Initiative
  3. Create Digital Literacy Standards
  4. Develop a Standardized Client Survey


The groups will meet over the next year to achieve these initiatives which were identified in Phase I of DECA as short-term priorities.  If you are interested in participating, click on the following for more information:

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This link provides a quick overview of each sub-group and their expectations.

Sign up for a Working Group
This link will lead you to a form where you can sign up for a working group.

If you would like more information about DECA, visit the website for updates.