Meet Tinesha: Techno-Woman

IMG_0734-editWhen single parent Tinesha Durr saw the posting for AFN’s Techno-Women program, she knew it was the right fit for her. She loves tinkering on computers and she wanted to pursue a career that would bring financial stability to her family.

Tinesha is one of eleven women that received a scholarship to participate in AFN’s new Techno-Women IT Certification program that started at the beginning of March. She was referred to us by our community partner, the Housing Authority of the City of Austin. The 34-week program prepares women for today’s technology workforce. The expected outcomes of the program are that students will have business acumen, develop soft skills, know how to build their own computer,  learn the functionality of computer software and hardware components, and earn certifications in CompTIA A+ and Network +.

The Scholarship recipients were selected based on the following criteria: desire to pursue a sustainable career in the technology industry, socio-economic status, number of dependents and interview results.

After Tanisha’s son was born, she considered participating in an IT Certification program. She completed some college courses in the past and was frustrated with endless administrative jobs. However, the challenges of motherhood and a life threatening health issue derailed her plans.  Now that Tanisha’s son is seven and her health is better, she decided to take the leap and follow her career dream.

Tanisha is not only excited about the opportunity to be in AFN’s program, she is one of the first students to pass the first test in the three step certification process, IT Fundamentals.

Asked what advice she would give to other students, she said “Focus on what you are doing. Don’t over think the test questions. The course teaches you to become an independent thinker. “ Tinesha is already looking ahead to continuing her education and building a career in the technology field.  She wants to earn a Certification in Linux Operating Systems and help others by being a Network Administration Trainer.

“All of our scholarship recipients are excited about the potential to receive their certification and find a sustainable job that will impact their families’ income. We are also very excited to offer this opportunity to the community and look forward to building the program to include more low-income women,” said Juanita Budd, Austin Free-Net Executive Director.

If you would like to help more women like Tinesha, you can support this program by sponsoring our next Techno-Women class. Read more about this exciting new program here.