Student Success: Matthew Breedlove

Photo of Matthew BreedloveThanks to the guidance and training Mathew Breedlove received from our AFN Trainer at the Austin Resource Center for the Homeless (ARCH), he is now a downtown Austin Ambassador!  He started his digital literacy education by taking 11 basic computer classes at the ARCH.  At the time, he mainly focused on learning how to use the Internet to sign up for local housing and benefits. In September, he indicated that he wanted help applying for jobs on Craigslist. The Trainer showed Matthew how to expertly use the website and create canned responses in his email account.  Matthew was excited that he could use a new tool to possibly apply for as many as five jobs per minute!

As a result of Matthew’s new skills and persistence, he was hired as an ambassador for the Downtown Austin Alliance. He will now be earning $13 an hour advising tourists and helping with downtown beautification.  When asked about his new opportunity, Mathew proudly quipped that he got the job because in his interview he was able to direct folks to the best BBQ in town. Congratulations Matthew!

If you would like to support more people like Matthew bridge the digital divide and reach their goals, donate or volunteer with Austin Free-Net. Your involvement makes a difference.